Images & templates

This is where you can find all the images and templates needed to sell our delicious sweets. You can also find the latest versions of our catalogues as downloadable PDF files. If you need something you can´t find on this page please don´t hesitate to contact us.


Download our standard catalogue

Here you can download our standard catalogue.
Click on the image and the catalogue will automatically open in your browser.


Download our templates as PDF:s

Here you can find the templates of our most common products. Click on the link and you will open up a PDF on your screen. Print or download it to your computer.

Image bank

Download images in .png-format for the web

Here you can download images of our products in .png-format for use on websites and brochures.
Do you need high res-images? Contact us and we will send all of our images in your desired format..


Download images one by one in .png-format for the web

Want to find an image to make a quick offer to your client? Here you can find all the images one by one. Right click and download !