Tipe produces and sells promotional sweets to companies. Toffee and hard boiles sweets are produced in our factory in Täby just outside of Stockholm. Apart form that we also package and process all sorts of sweets. At Tipe we have chosen to work through promotional distributors. That means that we will never actively market our products to endusers.


Tipe is a company with a long history within the business of sweets. The company was founded in 1953 by Hertha Tidlund and Rune Petterson. Their both surnames, Tidlund and Petterson gave the name Tipe.
In the first years of business the factoiry was situated on Björnsonsgatan in Blackeberg just outside of Stockholm, nowadays we reside in Arninge, Täby. The company has ever since the start been working with the producion of confectionery. In the beginning the production was consisting of purely bubble gum. The year 1980 was a milestone in the history of the company when Leif Håkansson bought the business and started producing hard bolied sweets such as Tjong, Fruitmix, Cola and fizzy sweets. In the middle of the 80´s the company moved to Veddesta in Järfälla. This was a part of the expandning of the assortment with toffee now being a part of the production. Tipe had the privilege of inheriting an old recipe from a producer in vaggeryd Småland and new machinery was bought. 


Now many of the family members of the Håkansson family started working at the company. Short after the introduction of toffee an order came from Fuji who wanted their logo to be printed in the wrapping paper. The result was an instant success and more companies wanted to have their logo put on the sweets. The assortment of products have been growing since then to now include everything from energy bars to snacks. A few years in to the promotional production the decision was made to only work through distributors. Why have two people in sales when you can have hundreds? What makes us stand out is of course the taste of the sweets but equally as important is the high level of service and comittment in making our customers happy. These cornerstones for us are made possible by the fact that we have our own inhouse printing and production of many of our products. The years spent in this industry have given us a large network of partners throughout the world. Our fantastic suppliers are also an integral part of our success. Our aim is to be the complete provider of promotional sweets. We will gladly take on your inquiries whatever sweet it might be. Tipe has always been and will most certainly always be a family company, from the Petterson family to the Håkansson family.


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